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Take Your Good Faith and Shove It: Three Economic Refutations of the DAP

For the sake of disabusing the notions of the few half-bright apologists who are trying to convince an outraged Philippine public that “some good was achieved with the DAP”, here’s … Continue reading

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We-Told-You-So Wednesday: Philippines Rice Crisis is No Surprise

This was the very first column I wrote for The Manila Times, and which has — as my columns occasionally do — turned out to be rather prescient in view … Continue reading

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City in Negros Frustrated by the Side Effects of Ethanol Production

(My Manila Times column for today, Thursday, May 15). Despite its potential environmental and economic advantages, the production of ethanol from sugar cane is turning out to be a bit … Continue reading

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Any Airline’s Worst Nightmare

Losing an aircraft full of passengers is the worst possible crisis any airline can face, but the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is particularly distressing. Although a commercial aircraft … Continue reading

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Reckoning Approaches for one of Aquino’s Worst Decisions

The Manila Times, Saturday, February 22. “Irony” is an overused word, but here in the Philippines there are times when it seems one cannot even turn around without tripping over … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling. Or not. Actually, it probably is.

This was my Manila Times column for Saturday, February 1, and judging from the various reactions it received, most readers (not all, but most) took the title at face value … Continue reading

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Power Sector on the Brink

In early December, the Philippines’ largest distribution utility, Meralco, which supplies about 70% of Luzon with electricity, warned that its customers would be facing a steep increase in the generation … Continue reading

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The Dollars and Sense of Nuclear Power in the Philippines

The Manila Times, Saturday, December 21. The Dollars and Sense of Nuclear Power in the Philippines My column on Tuesday this week (“Tall electric rates and short attention spans”, Dec. … Continue reading

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A Flash Course in Crisis Management

A Flash Course in Crisis Management My Manila Times columns earlier this week were complementary, an effort to contribute something useful (besides a certain amount of material and financial largesse) … Continue reading

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Philippines’ President Faces Growing Anger –

Philippines’ President Faces Growing Anger – A columnist for The Manila Times, Ben D. Kritz, ridiculed top officials, among them the nation’s defense secretary, for flying to the disaster … Continue reading

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